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I joined Wokingham Lacemakers way back in the early 80's; we weren't even Wokingham Lacemakers then, just a sub-group of the moribund Berkshire Craft Centre. After moving to Camberley, I joined North Downs Lacemakers as well, and was somehow persuaded to join the committee, edit the newsletter, chair the web site sub-committee... I occasionally make lace as well. Not as often as I'd like, nor as well as I'd like, but that's life. I like Bedfordshire and needlelace best, especially Teneriffe.

Barley Ears

This comes from 'Free Lace Patterns' by Sheila Brown (Batsford 1990). I have a clear memory of taking it to work with me so that I could finish it before a deadline, but haven't the faintest recollection of why there was a deadline! It was supposed to be worked in Brok 100, but probably wasn't.

Rose Ground and Scallop Pattern

This was taken from 'Bobbin Lace Making' by Pamela Nottingham (Batsford 1983). It was worked with 19 pairs in a variegated pastel Fil a Dentelle. One day, it'll be the edging for a mat. Honest.

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